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Flux refers to the salt refining flux used in the aluminum alloy refining process, most of which are solid compound salts. The flux used for aluminum melting refining is generally composed of a mixture of alkali metals or alkaline earth metal halides. There are many kinds of fluxes used for aluminum alloy, which can be divided into covering agent, refining agent, slag remover, furnace cleaner, magnesium remover, sodium remover and calcium remover.

Composition of flux is determined according to the purpose. Flux used for covering generally requires small surface tension and low melting point. Flux used for drossing requires a large surface tension on the aluminum liquid and a small surface tension on the oxide inclusions. In order to improve drossing effect, flux is also expected to have a heating effect. 

Flux used for refining requires a good adsorption capacity and dissolution capacity for alumina, as well as an appropriate gas generation rate in order to obtain a good degassing effect.

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