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What are the characteristics of Aluminum Base Master Alloy?

Aluminum Base Master Alloy is based on a metal. The definition of one or several single master alloys shows that the master alloy has the following characteristics:
(1) using a metal as a matrix, the content of which is generally greater than or equal to 50%, such as aluminum, copper, iron, etc.;
(2) The elemental substance to be added generally has problems of easy burning, high melting point, high density and easy segregation, etc., which are not suitable for direct addition;
(3) The master alloy is an additive type functional alloy material, unlike cast aluminum alloy, deformed aluminum alloy, copper alloy, steel, etc., which are directly used for the production of castings.
The master alloy generally has a lower melting point, a faster dissolution rate, a more stable yield, and a stronger ability to improve the properties of the alloy than the element to be added. Therefore, the master alloy can be used in the alloy production process. Accurate addition and composition adjustment, grain refinement, modification treatment, purification treatment, deoxidation desulfurization treatment, solid solution hardening, etc., have wide applications in aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper alloys, steel and other industries.