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Features Of Vanadium Aluminum


Aluminum Vanadium Waffle

As an important raw material for the metallurgical industry, vanadium aluminum is mainly used for smelting alloys with large differences in melting points. It is composed of matrix metal elements and alloy elements. In order to make the alloy have certain characteristics, it is intentionally added or retained in the matrix metal metal element.

No strange intermediate alloy
With the continuous development of the metallurgical industry and the continuous emergence of new materials, intermediate alloys play a role in more fields, such as iron and steel metallurgy, titanium metallurgy and copper metallurgy.
Stable market demand
Aluminum-vanadium master alloy is an important raw material for the production of high-strength titanium alloys, of which TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V) material is the most widely used alloy material among many titanium alloys.
The annual production of TC4 material requires about 2,000 tons of aluminum-vanadium master alloy. At present, the major consumer markets are distributed in China, North America and Europe.
Broad application prospects
In addition to being widely used in the metallurgical industry, intermediate alloys are also widely used in the manufacturing of new functional intermediate alloy materials dominated by aluminum-based intermediate alloys.
Specific products include grain refinement intermediate alloys, metallographically modified intermediate alloys, metal purification intermediate alloys, elemental addition intermediate alloys, etc.
Widely used in automotive, high-speed rail, aerospace, military, power electronics, building aluminum profiles, food and pharmaceutical packaging and other fields. The intermediate alloy has a wide range of application fields and a broad market prospect.